ISO-7010 Gebodspictogrammen Sticker

M049: Wear Protective Roller Sport Equipment (Sticker)
M045: Release Lifeboat Gripes In Launch Sequence (Sticker)
M047: Use Self-Contained Breathing Appliance (Sticker)
M046: Secure Gas Cylinders (Sticker)
M048: Use Gas Detector (Sticker)
M038: Start Engine In Launch Sequence (Sticker)
M037: Close And Secure Hatches In Launch Sequence (Sticker)
M036: Lift Ski Tips (Sticker)
M039: Lower Lifeboat To The Water In Launch Sequence (Sticker)
M034: Open Safety Bar Of Chairlift (Sticker)
M033: Close Safety Bar Of Chairlift (Sticker)
M032: Wear Anti-Static Footwear (Sticker)
M031: Use Table Saw Adjustable Guard (Sticker)
M030: Use Litter Bin (Sticker)
M029: Sound Horn (Sticker)
M028: Keep Locked (Sticker)
M027: Check Guard (Sticker)
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